Chunky Bunny (Dark)
Chunky Bunny (Dark)

Chunky Bunny (Dark)

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Meet our Chunky Bunny. He's almost too cute to eat! Almost....

Dark Chocolate Chunky Bunny


Dark chocolate contains minimum 72% cocoa solids.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, natural flavouring.

This product may contain traces of nuts, soya and milk.

 Nutritional Information (g per 100g)

Energy:                       2430 Kj/ 587 Kcal

Fat:                              45.5

-of which saturates: 27.6

Carbohydrates:         31.3

-of which sugars:      26.8

Protein:                      7.6

Salt:                             0.0